An open source traffic accounting & user attribution project

About and Features

Traffic Breakdown

Enables simplistic views to see a breakdown in the types of traffic and the users that consumed that traffic.

  • Uses NetFlow to build traffic analysis
  • Attributes traffic to categories via BGP communities
  • Graphs the different type of traffic to help with traffic forecasting.
  • Every piece of data shown is updated in near real time

User Breakdown

See exactly who is using the traffic.

  • Breaks down traffic and shows top users in a dashboard
  • View traffic breakdown on day/month/year
  • Drill in on a user and see when they were consuming data


Run reports for traffic used over certain time periods. Quickly fire up a user report to see who was responsible.

  • Shows reports for traffic breakdown based on BGP communities
  • Drill in from yearly/monthly/daily traffic


Project built on a foundation of open-source projects meaning it's pluggable and you can swap out and expand as desired.

  • pmacct is used for collecting NetFlow (and adding BGP stuff)
  • RabbitMQ is used as a message queue (for raw flows and user-auth feeds)
  • mongoDB is the document storage database to keep track of counters


See the project in action.